Race Car Preperation 
We can fully prep your car building from the ground up to ensure you have a race winning car by the time it hits the track. 
Racing is a core part of Pie Performance with our experience racing ourselves in the Porsche Racing Drivers Championship we can ensure that your car is race ready. 
We have all the facilities to build your car to any specification and full one make support for the majority of Porsche series. 
Track Day Preperation 
Wanting to take your Porsche out on track? we have the facilities to set up your Porsche for track use giving you peace of mind when pushing your car to the limit. 
Taking your car out on track for the first time can be an anxious time and we will make sure that your car is ready. Whether it be brakes, suspension, remapping it is always our aim to get your car out on track. 
Corner Weighting 
With our premimum corner weighting tools we can ensure your Porsche is pefectly balanced on track and can adapt your car to specific circuits 
Corner Weighting is vital to ensuring your race car works in the right way on track. We have state of the art equipment to make sure your car is perfectly balanced. 
Properly corner weighting your race car can allow you better handling to best the competition on track and also help the car to look after its tyres better. 
Car Setup 
Looking for that extra performance on circuit? as a team in the Porsche Racing Drivers Championship we can set your car up to match ours 
Over time they can look tired, with the rim of the wheel potentially being kerbed, or road salt eating into the alloy metal under the paint, causing bubbling or peeling lacquer.  
These things can really detract from the exterior look of the car; however, it doesn't necessarily have to be as costly a process as replacing the wheels to get your car looking new again. 
Here at PIE we offer a wheel refurbishment service which involves a six-stage process: 
Remove wheels from the vehicle 
Remove tyres from the wheels 
Dip the wheels in a strong acid which strips grime and paint off the wheel, taking it back to bare metal 
Repair the rim where it’s been badly kerbed, welding any cracks and possibly having to heat and reshape the wheel if buckled (at extra cost) 
Powder-coating the wheels in the customer's desired colour 
Refitting tyres to wheels, balancing wheels and refitting to the car 
There are sometimes extra processes that the wheels have to go through: for example, Porsche Fuchs wheels have an anodized finish. It is very costly to redo the anodizing, but we can offer this service. We also offer the process of diamond-cutting the face or barrel of the wheel to get a shiny, polished finish. 
One to One Driver Coaching 
Our Racing Driver Toby Smales can coach you one to one using the latest Racelogic Performance software helping you find speed where it matters 
Its one thing to have the car setup perfectly but equally as important is the driver! Toby can work with you step by step to improve your driving and give you the confidence not just to race but to win.  
We have the best coaching tools available with a full racing simulator and Racelogic performance sofware which lets Toby analyise your performance on track lap by lap and fine tune your driving to shave seconds off your laptimes.  
Safety Equipment 
With the numerous regulations associated with motorsport we can ensure your car is legal fitting all safety equipment wether it be extinguisers to harnesses we have you covered. 
Remapping your car can dramatically improve overtaking safety, acceleration, reliability and fuel economy, as well as saving you hundreds of pounds in repair bills and potentially pre-empting any need to buy a new vehicle.  
PIE Performance is proud to be working in tandem with Mobile Remaps, which is the only remapping company in the Cambridge, Peterborough and Bury St Edmunds area to have its staff certified by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) - what this means for you is that their technicians have completed a unique and complex training and certification program, and are fully qualified to remap your car. 
In addition to remapping, we are able to greatly enhance your car's performance across the board using many high-tech options including Quantum Tuning, Milltek Sport Performance exhaust systems, Bilstein Performance suspension components, Powerflex polyurethane bushes, and IPD (Innovative Pro Design) Plenums induction technology. 
Cage Fitting 
Need a roll cage fitted? We can fit it for you and ensure that your racing car is one with the road. 
We appreciate that mechanical work and bodywork is costly, so working closely with the customer we will tailor a package to suit the condition of any Porsche.  
We can also work out a flexible payment scheme to lighten the load. 
Race Car Hire 
Looking to get out there and race? compete in the Porsche Racing Drivers Championship with us and hire one of our race cars 
There's no need to feel like you’re stirring porridge while trying to find 3rd gear; we can fully rebuild all Porsche gearboxes at a very competitive price. 
As with everything else that we undertake we always use new original parts, replacing any defective items with factory specification unless the customer requests specific uprated parts. 
Race Day Support 
We can fully support you on a race weekend ensuring you can enjoy Racing without the worry of looking after the car! 
The fault is the IMS (Intermediate Main Shaft) bearing, which has a habit of breaking down. This bearing drives the camshafts. Should the bearing fail, an expensive engine rebuild will result. Contact us for more information on this vital component. 
Engine Building 
Here at PIE we are a stockist of Evans Waterless Coolant Power Cool 180º for Porsches in the East of England. Power Cool 180º is revolutionary because it’s completely waterless, and as Evans say: no water, no worries! 
Suitable for all types of motorsport and sports cars, it has a number of benefits over old-fashioned antifreeze: 
Benefits to Power Cool 180º 
More horse power as it eliminates premature detonation which is associated with overheating 
No more overheating, as the boiling point of Power Cool 180º is as the name suggests 180º and it will not boil over! 
Unlike regular antifreeze/water mix, Power Cool 180º allows the coolant system to run at a lower pressure, reducing the strain on engine components 
No water means no oxygen, which in turn means no corrosion. 
Unlike your regular antifreeze/water mix, Power Cool 180º significantly reduces liner pitting. 
No Overheating 
Traditional water-based coolants regularly cross the thermal boundary that separates Efficient Nucleate Boiling (A) from Inefficient Critical Heat Flux. CHF leads to localised film boiling (B) and steam bubbles circulating throughout the cooling system, which often results in overheating and combustion issues. Evans Waterless Coolants boil above 180º C ensuring effective cooling and efficient fuel burn is maintained for all engine loads and ambient air temperatures. 
More BHP 
When water-based coolants vapourise adjacent to the combustion zone, hot-spots are formed. These hot-spots have been proven to cause pre-ignition in petrol engines and detonation issues in diesel engines. Evans Waterless Coolants eliminates hot-spots and subsequently improve combustion efficiency and increase power delivery. 
No Corrosion 
Water is the root cause of corrosion in all cooling systems, via oxidation (rusting) and galvanic (electrolytic) action. Evans coolants do not contain dissolved oxygen, and have a much lower conductivity (increased resistivity) compared with water-based coolants. Subsequently replacing water with Evans non-aqueous solution eliminates corrosion and the need to periodically refresh or replenish the coolant. 
No Pressure 
Water requires additional (cap) pressure to prevent it boiling within the engine. This additional pressure can vary between 7psi and 29psi (0.5 Bar to 2 Bar), which places significant stress on cooling system components, including hoses, gaskets and radiators. Evans Waterless Coolants generate much lower pressures - in the region of 4psi - and therefore reduce strain on all components. 
No Liner Pitting 
Liner pitting is primarily caused by the rapid formation and collapse of small steam bubbles on the metal surface. Over several years this process can lead to severe surface erosion and deep liner pitting. Evans Waterless Coolants are not prone to forming vapor bubbles and are proven, by SAE trials, to virtually eliminate surface erosion and pitting. 
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