A special edition made even more special. From concept to reality. A bespoke build based on a limited edition 964 Targa Florio. 
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We’re not re-inventing the wheel. When starting a project, consultation with our client is the most important starting point. We take inspiration from modified builds from around the world and the wealth of products being constantly developed. 
Once the direction is established, the fun begins. 
We’ve built up a far reaching network which makes car sourcing relatively straight forward. 
Our search for a 964 Targa was timely in that soon after we started our search, this special edition car we have looked after previously, became available. 
As one of the last 964 cars to be produced it was designated along with a handful of others to be specified by the 
Porsche Exclusive Department. 
The Targa name is a tribute to the great race, so it seemed only fitting that the last iteration of 911 with the unmistakable targa roof and roll bar in its original form was named the ‘Targa Florio’ edition. 
Being only one of six in right hand drive this very special car was the perfect candidate for our PPT project. 
From factory it was adorned with the Targa Florio side script, unseen before light grey leather interior with embossed logo on the door cards. None of which has been harmed in the making of this car. Everything is wrapped and securely stored to return to original if desired. 
The car itself was in good shape having been cared for by it’s previous owners. The paintwork was to remain largely original. The engine and running gear was to be refreshed as part of the brief. 
This was the perfect car. 
Making use of the people and tools around you counts for a lot. The best way to visualise in order make the most informed decisions is to actually visualise the car in its many forms. Interior choices, wheel choices, styling modifications. 
Thanks to Limitless Creations for bringing our ideas to life. 
After the interior was stripped out, we sent the car off to ICE experts Air and Sound to get an 8 speaker (2 concealed subs) Focal Audio system installed. 
When it returned it was time to fit the rear bumper modified to house the custom stainless steel exhaust ready to be painted along with a couple of other areas. 
The door cards were prepared to be sent to the automotive trimmer with the hand formed centre tunnel. 
The whole ethos behind PIE Performance Tuning is just that. Performance Tuning. We can’t deny that Porsche did a wonderful job from factory at making their cars drive, stop, handle. But..... there’s always room for improvement and that’s what we strive to achieve. 
964 brakes are so good in their stock form that just a freshen up with uprated pads was in order before they were shod with the final choice of wheels. An obvious choice maybe? Fuchs. Fuchs that is, forged at the original factory in Meinerzhagen, Germany. The Fuchsfelge designed by Otto Fuchs in 1963 has been a much loved feature on Porsche cars since they first made it on to a 911 in 1965. 
For the ultimate controllable suspension there’s only really one choice. The technology built into TracTive suspension systems really is second to none. A more refined and upgraded version of the PASM system. Electrically charged DDA (Dynamic Dampening Adjustment) valves switch to alter hydraulic flow to predetermined settings which can be adjusted on the fly via touch-pad control. 
Tyres form your only contact with the road, so it’s important for them to be up to the job. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 were chosen for their consistent performance in all conditions. The use of aramid and nylon in the make up of the tyres keeps them conforming to the surface of the road. The compound itself contains a blend of elastomers and hydrophobic silica delivering excellent all weather grip, reliable braking and water dispersal. A compound developed primarily for motorsports such as Formula E and the World Rally Championship. 
Built as a tourer the cabin needed comfort levels to sustain effortless cross continent drives. 
Again we looked to modern technology along with traditional skills, combining the two to create a luxurious yet functional space. 
The mix of braun nappa with sternchen perforations and accents of black leather struck the perfect balance. 
Heated seats with concealed controls, Porsche Classic Head Unit providing Apple CarPlay, DAB radio and navigation. Period varnished softwood shifter with hand trimmed boot. Classic 350mm Momo prototipo steering wheel wrapped in black leather with contrasting hand stitching. Glovebox concealed TracTive Suspension management, and remember we mentioned the embossed Porsche crest on the original door cards? It seemed fitting to update them with our own PPT crest. 
Custom touches include, the now trimmed hand formed centre tunnel and shifter surround. Low rise rear seat backs to enhance the feeling of open cabin space, bespoke contrast edged carpet and even a matching tool roll. 
Power is subjective. Reliable power, controllable power, efficient power to us is key. If you were to assess any of our PPT builds you will have seen that the overall performance relationship between the car handling and power output is what we strive for. More important than maxing out all possibilities risking reliability and usability. 
Our constantly developing range of PIE Performance Tuning (PPT) products is the fruits of our labour. Hours of testing assessing, modifying, tuning to create what we believe to be the most balanced power upgrades. 
Specifically our PPT 964 Kit fitted to this Targa project not only improves drivability and efficiency but we’ve seen gains of up to 40BHP. 
The kit includes a new pre programmed ECU with wiring loom to connect to existing connections, mounting brackets, new Bosch injectors, air filter, carbon intake pipe, map sensor, air temperature sensor and making significant gains on this project a full flowed custom stainless exhaust system. 
Striving to improve our offering we hope to have new PPT products available soon, such as our fly-by-wire throttle, completely eliminating the idle control valve. 
A handful of exterior modifications to complete the project. 
One off rear spoiler 
Custom rear bumper 
Hand made exhaust trim 
Hella LED headlights 
Rear wiper delete 
Colour coded bonnet crest 
We are a strong team of individuals with a broad range of skills, ready to accept any challenge. We have years of experience and in addition to our in-house technicians work alongside some of the UK’s most formidable industry specialists. 
It is all of these people we have to thank for the success of this project, the PPT Targa Florio. 
If you feel inspired to tune your current Porsche, or have your own bespoke PPT Porsche please get in touch. 
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