PIE Performance has been custom tuning Porsche models from the off and have been mapping cars for many years, including making bespoke ignition/ECU systems for air cooled Porsche. We are proud that we have all the equipment to custom remap any Porsche model, from the early Porsche Boxster to the modern Porsche 911 (992) all in house at our HQ. 
PIE Performance write the custom tuned files for all Porsche models in-house using years of experience, we make sure that all tuned files are written to the customer requirement and take into account any engine modifications, for example 200 cell cats. 
PIE Performance tackle mapping in a different way to most other tuning companies. The key to building a map suited to your car is data mapping, we measure and record data from your Porsche, apply this to create a bespoke tuned file. We can log BHP, torque, fuelling in AFR or Lambda, vacuum or boost pressure, ignition timing, injector duty cycle, air flow, map sensor readings, intake air temperature and much more. 
We have the very latest equipment to map your Porsche, Get in touch with one of our team to find out how we can tune your Porsche. 

Some examples of recently tuned cars 

Porsche 911 (996) PPT Stage one tune 
Standard: BHP 320 Torque NM 370 
Tuned: BHP 338 Torque NM 386 
Gain: BHP 18 Torque NM16 
Porsche Cayman 718 PPT Stage one tune 
Standard: BHP 350 Torque NM 420 
Tuned: BHP 400 Torque NM 530 
Gain: BHP 50 Torque NM110 
Porsche 911 991.2 3.0T Carrera 
Standard: BHP 370 Torque NM 450 
Tuned: BHP 470 Torque NM 620 
Gain: BHP 100 Torque NM170 
"Just have to repeat my thanks for the work done on my 991. It’s gone from ordinary to having sparkle, can’t believe the difference in pickup and performance. It’s now a joy to drive, I’m looking for excuses to take it out. Great job." 
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