We totally understand when people say, 
'why do you need a stereo? just listen to the engine, that’s the only music I need to hear’ 
It’s true, and easy to grasp when you’ve experienced the sound of a Porsche from behind the wheel. Whether it's the classic air-cooled flat six, V8, Mezger, flat 4 in a 912, or a modern turbo there really is nothing comparable. But we also understand how important a modern AV solution is when it comes to usability and connectivity when our world dictates it. We take functions like satellite navigation, hands free calling and DAB radio for granted as we’ve lived with them in some form for the past 30 years or so to the point where they are now available in every family car or of course on your phone. The ramping up of technology and the establishment of that link between what your phone offers and what your car can connect to over the last couple of years has reached a new era of connectivity. To adhere to driving laws by not using handheld device behind the wheel is also a major factor in the need to upgrade especially when voice control in phones has reached a place where it’s actually useable. 
Fortunately as the technology improves, the choice broadens and there are now options depending on what car you have and what your budget or requirements are. As well as replacing your existing unit for a newer model but with the same styling we also supply and fit solutions to work with your existing model such as the very popular ID-Core unit which acts as an interface but uses your factory touch screen. 
An upgrade of your Audio and Communications can bring new life to a seemingly dated interior. 
Please give us a call if you’re interested in any of the options below or if you need to know any more details on 01787 249924, email us, or message us through our contacts page

Porsche Classic Communication Management 

The PCCM range has grown in recent months with the launch of the 997.1 unit which also fits the 987.1 and the first generation Cayenne. The range already included a single DIN head unit for classic cars from the F model onwards and a double DIN 7” version for the 996 and 986. All the systems feature phone integration via Bluetooth, DAB+ and Apple Car Play and the PCCM plus offer Android Auto. Other stereo upgrades are available but if you simply must have that OEM look and feel to upgrade your car this is the best way of achieving that.  
It’s full integration into your car with updated Navigation (as an extra, downloadable from SD card), trip computer, all hooked up to your original steering controls if you have them.  
If you feel you need to bring your Porsche into the modern age of communication, please contact us on 01787 249924 to place an order and book an installation slot. 
Please give us a call for prices to supply and install. 
PCCM available for F Model as a single DIN, 986, 987, 996, 997 as double DIN replacing the original unit 


The ID-CORE interface. 
If your car hasn’t made the Porsche ‘Classic’ status yet there is another upgrade available. 
We’re looking at you, owners of cars with one of these factory installed options. 
CDR31 PCM 3.0, PCM 3.1 or a PCM 4.0 - this covers a range of cars from 2009 right up to 2019 if you’re not sure please take a look the full list below, or give us a call to see if your car is compatible. 
The ID-CORE interface brings you wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Audio as an addition to your factory unit and retaining all the factory features. You use it via your existing touchscreen so the integration really is as seamless as possible. It also adds the ability to install a rear camera and use a USB flash drive. 
The images below show an install of an ID-CORE interface in a 981 Boxster. We fitted this as part of our after sales option before the new owner collected their lovely new car. 
Please give us a call for prices to supply and install. 
Refer to the table below to see if the ID-CORE is available for your car, or give us a call if you're unsure. 
Factory Unit installed 
CDR 31 
Macan (2014-2016) 
Cayenne (2010-2016) 
Panamera (2010-2016) 
Boxster/Cayman/911 (2012-2016) 
Must have CDR 31 headunit fitted 
PCM 3.0 
Boxster (987) 2009-2012 
Cayman (987) 2009-2012 
911 (997) 2009-2012 
Cayenne (955) 2009-2011 
Vehicle must have PCM 3.0 fitted, with NAVI button. 
PCM 3.1 
Macan (2014-2016) 
Cayenne (2011-2015) 
Panamera (2010-2016) 
Boxster/Cayman/911 (2012-2016) 
Must have PCM 3.1 fitted, must be equipped with NAV button 
PCM 4.0 
Macan (2016-2019) 
Cayenne (2016-2019) 
Boxster/Cayman/911 (2016-2019) 
Must have PCM 4.0 fitted 

More upgrades 

The two options above are specifically made to suit the Porsche platform but that’s not to say they are the only option. When it comes to installing upgraded head units there are of course more to choose from but while you may gain some extra features you’re looking for, you will also loose some features linked to your car, such as the trip meter, temperature display etc. If that is of no consequence you can improve the audio quality massively by installing a higher output head unit with upgraded speakers, or a separate sub and amplifier. If you’ve got something in mind please get in touch. 
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