The tuning process wouldn't be complete without taking a look at the braking systems used throughout the Porsche model range to see if any improvements can be made. As expected from the factory these cars have amazing stopping power, especially when you look at the 964 and onwards era. With the improvement to braking effectiveness the heat dispersion and lack of fade is also improved. That's not to say gains cant be made however. 
PIE Performance Tuning (PPT) has been working on developing brake upgrades in kit form. These are ready to install as direct replacements for OEM parts with no modifications.  
We will add to our range as testing is complete for each kit. Follow us on social media to be the first to hear about our new PPT Products. 
These brake kits are developed by PIE Performance so for stock and order enquiries please give us a call on 01787 249924, email us, or message us through our contacts page

PIE Performance Tuning 74-89 brake kit From PIE Performance Porsche Service Centres 

Using our specific combination of OEM Porsche calipers, OEM vented disks and our PIE Performance Tuning mounting hardware you can now run upgraded brakes on your early Porsche 911 (74-89) . What makes our PPT kit different to what is already available is that with our kit you can continue to run your original 15” Fuchs wheels. You can keep the stock appearance of your car and upgrade the stopping capabilities without having to step up to larger, less period looking wheels. Perfect also when building a backdate or restomod for that truly authentic look. 
The combination of the OEM 4 pot caliper, the vented disk and OE pads improves your car's braking while managing heat distribution and reducing brake fade even during the most spirited of road or track use. 
The PPT kit includes everything you need to install and upgrade your current braking system including new a replacement master cylinder and a pair of brake hoses which we recommend to be fitted with this upgrade. 
The disk itself is a 282mm x 24mm vented disk matched with a 4 pot caliper which, although black as standard, can be finished in your choice of colour with decals to finish. 
Kit price is £1277.33+VAT (Pair included in kit) 
Finished in bespoke colour is £1677.33+VAT 
(As seen below in Porsche Acid green) 
"Being able to upgrade to better brakes and still use 15" Fuchs on my backdate project has meant I can acheive a proper old school vintage look not possible with larger later wheels" - J Franks / 1980 backdate project 
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