This Tech Talk is dedicated to you as a reminder to make sure the drains on your Porsche are clear, especially when we are entering the wettest time of the year. In the last few weeks we have seen over five Porsche models coming through the workshop due to water ingress into the cabin or boot area due to blocked drains... and the repairs have been into the thousands. 
A 2015 991 is the latest car we have had in for water ingress into the cabin (see photos), this is due to the water drains running along the seals getting blocked (again seen in pictures). The damage is costly and in this instance left the customer stranded. Once we had removed the offending item/s we recovered over 5 litres of water and, in addition to needing to remove the interior to dry the car out, the customer also needs a new park assist ECU, Bose amplifier and a new VTS (vehicle tracking System ECU). 
So… it’s very important to make sure when your Porsche is serviced that your drain holes/tubes are cleaned as part of the service. This work is included across all models when booked with PIE-Performance for a fixed price service. 
If you have concerns, can hear water moving or your cabin is steamed up more often then previously it could be you have blocked drains. 
Give PIE Performance a call to discuss 
Our Tech Talk feature is all about giving helpful advice and guidance to running and owning your Porsche. But this is also a mechanism for owners to ask questions on any topics of interest. So, if you have technical question/s please feel free to email PIE Performance or comment below and we will include it in one of our future Tech Talks. 
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