PIE Performance is a Mobil Service Centre 
So what does that mean exactly? It's more than just brand loyalty. Mobil is, and has been the recommended lubricant for the Porsche range for decades and is the factory standard for all Porsche cars to come off the production line. With this partnership in place over such a long period the research both on and off the track has led to Mobil perfecting their range of oils to suit all applications. 
Being a service centre keeps us up to spec with what is recommended and positioned in the supply chain where we can get exactly the correct lubricant for your car with no delays. 
The advancements that Mobil have made with their synthetic technology development has improved such things as fuel economy, low and high viscosity performance. Increased torque by reducing engine drag.  
To protect your engine against wear, corrosion and soot, you need a lubricant that performs under intense pressure. The oil you choose will impact not only your fuel efficiency but the entire lifespan of your engine. 
In contrast to traditional mineral oils, synthetic oils are considerably more free-flowing. This means that it circulates faster when the engine first starts, providing protection from un-lubricated abrasion damage. 
You can find more about the partnership between Mobil and Porsche on this link 
If you have any questions about the best oil for your car, how to check levels, the best procedure for topping up or would like to book your car in for a service and oil change, please give us a call. 
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