The ID-CORE interface. 
Along with the PCCM upgrade we posted about a few days ago now available for the 997, joining the classic range of single DIN and 996 upgrades there is another upgrade available to cars which haven’t made classic status as yet. 
We’re looking at you, owners of cars with one of these factory installed options. 
CDR31 PCM 3.0, PCM 3.1 or a PCM 4.0 - this covers a range of cars from 2009 right up to 2019 if you’re not sure please take a look the full list below, or give us a call to see if your car is compatible. 
The ID-CORE interface brings you wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Audio as an addition to your factory unit and retaining all the factory features. You use it via your existing touchscreen so the integration really is as seamless as possible. It also adds the ability to install a rear camera and use a USB flash drive. 
Factory Unit installed 
CDR 31 
Macan (2014-2016) 
Cayenne (2010-2016) 
Panamera (2010-2016) 
Boxster/Cayman/911 (2012-2016) 
Must have CDR 31 headunit fitted 
PCM 3.0 
Boxster (987) 2009-2012 
Cayman (987) 2009-2012 
911 (997) 2009-2012 
Cayenne (955) 2009-2011 
Vehicle must have PCM 3.0 fitted, with NAVI button. 
PCM 3.1 
Macan (2014-2016) 
Cayenne (2011-2015) 
Panamera (2010-2016) 
Boxster/Cayman/911 (2012-2016) 
Must have PCM 3.1 fitted, must be equipped with NAV button 
PCM 4.0 
Macan (2016-2019) 
Cayenne (2016-2019) 
Boxster/Cayman/911 (2016-2019) 
Must have PCM 4.0 fitted 
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